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Financial Independence – One Account At A Time


Our Vision.

We aspire to be the leading example in the Bookkeeping industry – allowing for entrepreneurs to have the freedom to focus on what matters.

We will be the haven that gives entrepreneurs the confidence and ease of mind that their financials are being done professionally and reliably. We will continue to provide financial services that give our clients a complete financial picture and find ways to help them put more money in their pockets.

Our team

Nick Mooney is a professional bookkeeper who owns Hidden Refuge Bookkeeping – helping small business and entrepreneurs nationwide through virtual platforms.

He is Lean Six Sigma trained and a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor with over 2 decades of experience in managing all size projects and the finances required to do so.

Nick has 20 years of experience with the United States Air Force where he managed teams of 10 or more members and 500-thousand-dollar contracts from purchase to installation. His career furthered with intelligence analysis where he is able to quickly see trends and assess how situations should be handled efficiently.

Nick Mooney


Kenna Mooney


Kenna has had numerous opportunities to learn and increase her experience through running other small businesses. While running the small businesses, she learned the importance of customer satisfaction and organizational skills.

Additionally, she was a board member of a large nonprofit organization that was able to spread joy and happiness with military spouses and others within the military community.

Kenna also taught as an Elementary teacher at a low-income school, where she learned patience and equality with diverse populations. The COVID-19 pandemic hit in the middle of the school year while she was teaching a First Grade class. The pandemic taught her new ways to reach her students, which in turn has increased her awareness of customer relations.

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